Social Commission

The Social Commission is the ministry of our parish which oversees our social events. Building a strong Christian community and sense of family is an important part of our work. Below is an overview of the various committees and organizations which the commission covers.

There are a number of parish activities under this Commission:

  • Bereavement — This is a parish based support group for anyone who has suffered a loss; it might be a spouse, parent, child, or other close relative or friend. At one time there was such a group in the parish. Just last week it was revived and is off to a good start. Remember we all need help in hard times. There are others here to be with you.
  • Men’s Club — Open to all men of the parish. They are active on many levels. They help with projects for the parish; e.g. they bought the American Flags that you see in the main drive on appropriate occasions. They sponsor the Easter Egg Hunt, etc. They provide social opportunities such as going to ball games, golf tournaments, etc. They provide financial help to the school on occasion. They meet once each month and are very open to new members.
  • Nursery — This service is provided by volunteers to you during the 9:00 and 11:00 Mass on Sunday.
  • Scouts — Saint Gabriel has both Boy Scouts and Girls Scouts for all ages.
  • Senior Group — This group is for all the senior members of the parish. (You define the term as you wish.) Its sole purpose is to get together once a month and enjoy each other’s company. On occasion they also join similar groups from other parishes for activities. This group is always seeking broader membership from interested parishioners.
  • Social Committee — This is a new one. There are many important activities in our parish with significant tasks. This Committee will be organized just to have fun! We hope they have parties, dances, hayrides, or anything else they can think of to get the adults of our parish together to have fun and enjoy each other’s company. I hope this group’s first event will be our Parish Picnic. We will utilize the time and talent information and contact all that indicated this work, but if you would like to help, please call the parish office.
  • Women’s Club — Also a long-standing group in the parish, which has not been active recently. But there has been an indication of interest and an organizational meeting has been scheduled for August.
  • Youth Athletic Committee (YAC) — This committee is responsible for the grade school sports program of our parish. Our parish participates in the citywide CYO program. They offer a number of sport opportunities for both boys and girls. The Committee, which guides all activities, is in need of interested participants. They are always in need of coaches. One of the objectives for the upcoming year will be to retire a $7,000 debt. We need a solid athletic program for our grade school parishioners.